Whole Healing Wellness Services

Anti-inflammatory treatments:

  • Oligoscan
    Evaluates absorption of vitamins and minerals along with presence of heavy metals
  • Celluma
    LED light therapy to promote healing, decrease inflammation from minor muscle aches, joint inflammation including TMJ, arthritis and joint stiffness. 
  • Infrared Light
    Proven effective for over eighty years in reducing inflammation by increasing blood flow. Helpful in treating sinus discomfort and TMJ pain. 
  • Rezzi-Max
    Wavelength technology, including scaler waves, used to reset meridian systems and energy centers. Helpful in treating TMJ pain. 
  • Zyto scan
    An FDA approved scan to assist in maintaining health and wellness. Information is obtained in order to improve immune system, hormonal, endocrine and digestive balance and inflammatory triggers. Evaluates a connection between oral health, specific teeth and other body systems. 
  • Chi Machine
    Helpful to those with concussion history.
  • Nano-herb light
    Decreases inflammation associated with tooth pain.
  • AMI 750 
    Sound therapy to reduce general pain and inflammation while promoting body balance in immune, respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems 
  • Tennant Meter and Ozone
    Can be used individually or in combination with other therapies to reduce tooth pain.
    A device to assess energy imbalances such as allergies, emotional trauma and immune challenges.
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